First Impressions Are Priceless

But What Actually Makes Up a First Impression?

It's about telling your story. Only better.
Every business has a fascinating story to tell. The problem is that many business owners are too close to their own story to see how compelling it can be to others.

There is an apocryphal tale of the marketer who visited a beer factory back in the 1920’s and was escorted around the place to get his bearings. During the course of this tour, the guide mentioned that their water was taken from artesian wells and filtered a hundred times before being used in their beer. The marketer, stunned and impressed, asked why this fact was never stated in their advertising. “Why, everyone does it,” he said. “What would be the point of mentioning such a common item?” and then he went on with his tour.

The marketer convinced management to focus on this benefit and the consumer went for it, assuming that this company alone had such a process. But once out the gate, no one else could claim this as a competitive advantage. This beer company had claimed it for themselves and it was absolutely, 100% true.

What processes have you been taking for granted?
Your image in the market is determined by a number of things, not the least of which is your performance. Do you deliver on your promises? Do you have clients, customers or patients who will say so for you on camera? Do you want to take your business to the next level? If so, you are a candidate for the TotalView Anchor Video, which includes our own ‘Creative Triage.’

What does this cost?
Of course, emergencies need to be carefully planned, which is why we're careful about choosing the companies with whom we work. But unlike most agencies who keep out the "riff-raff" by inflating their prices, we've found a more productive way. Because when you work with the right people, they get the results they're looking for.

So the Anchor Video has a very modest price tag.
Making an Anchor Video won't ding your wallet. Larger companies will expense it out of petty cash. But for smaller companies, it can mean the difference between a good and a bad month, or taking their business to a whole new level. So yes, for us, it’s about the magic.

What is an Anchor Video?

Often the discussions we have with people start with "I'd like to make a video for my website."

Yep, that's an Anchor Video. It's the first thing people see when they come to your site. Their first exposure to you as a person and as a value creator.

It needs to move fast and cover a lot of ground. It needs to combine your passion for your work with the value it brings to your customers. The best ones add social proof and an origin story.

The video can be anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes. Beyond that, we look at other kinds of videos.

Here are a few examples of Anchor Videos we've made...


New England Dental Center

Kevin Paradis Realty

A Villa Louisa

Riverbend Massage

Gus' Drum Pad

American Business Telephone

Viso Bello Day Spa

What Goes Into An Anchor Video?

Digital Alchemy
When you combine interviews with b-roll, testimonials, music, motion graphics and skillful editing, you end up with something worth far more than the sum of its parts. That's an Anchor Video.

Keyword Planning
An Anchor video should rank for your 3 most desired keywords. And since you're 50X likelier to end up on Page One of Google when you do it our way, the video had best be worth the trouble to rank it!

Anchor Video Extreme
This is an Anchor Video that is guaranteed to be on Page One of Google each and every month, or you don't pay for the service. We reserve your most important keywords and Google rewards you with a top ranking. And over time, using this service, you may even be able to get a giant thumbnail at the top of the rankings.

Next Steps
An Anchor Video should bring your likely customer to the next step. That might mean a phone call, text, email or a download of a valuable resource that puts them on your marketing list.

Speaking of next steps, why not take a close look at the options below and let's explore which may be right for you.